I don’t want to sound like my mentor, immediately I got the revelation of what it takes to be me, usually, I love to mimic those I looked up to, dress and pronounced words as they do.

It serves as a drive to me… As beginners we all want to do that  (emulate) yeah got it…you could preach other pastors sermon, but as soon as you allow course to flow I mean as we get matured we are able to put every pocket of revelation together, and make our own sermon …remember maturity isn’t by age…yeah life to some is having kids and a good marriage, or career pursuit, education, etc.

Whatever it is,  pushed and move ahead, leaving a landmark is the ultimate goals of many, launching new innovation (globally)… Philanthropic acts…  sorry to shock you none of these is life without an encounter with the giver of life JESUS CHRIST
jesus giving
Progress Nwanodi…

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