(Music) PastorProgress Ft. Mike Abdul – Jodada 

Progress Nwanodi is popularly known as “Pastorprogress”, the gospel vocalist is back with another great release titled “Jodada”, produced by “Smokeytunes.” Her vocal was dominant, strong and also with a vibrant harmonization, Jodada indoctrinate the believers to dance to the glory of God in spite of what they are going through, putting their trust in God that all will be well and whatever God has destined you, must come to be. Pastorprogress & Mike Abdul present to you Jodada Jodada instrumental was particularly a gospel genre, features a gospel pattern with the 4/4 or swing time in place, hats in…



Progress Nwanodi was born in ibadan city (hailed from Edo state), Nigeria on October 23, 1983. Progress Nwanodi known professionally as Pastor Progress, a Nigerian gospel artist married to the founder of Voice Of Christ Believer’s International Church (Prophet Chinedu Nwanodi). Pastor Progress biological father is “Major Stephen Jeremiah”, she is the first daughter of seven children. In April 2016, Pastor Progress released her first single – titled -“Found Grace”, Found Grace was known for massive airplay on radio station and popular T.V stations, it received generally positive reviews from fans and love ones.

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I don’t want to sound like my mentor, immediately I got the revelation of what it takes to be me, usually, I love to mimic those I looked up to, dress and pronounced words as they do. It serves as a drive to me… As beginners we all want to do that  (emulate) yeah got it…you could preach other pastors sermon, but as soon as you allow course to flow I mean as we get matured we are able to put every pocket of revelation together, and make our own sermon …remember maturity isn’t by age…yeah life to some is…