Pastorprogress x Mike Abdul – Jodada Lyrics

Verse 1

If he nor be you..God God  where I for dey..deydey

If he nor be you..God God wetin i for be…Be Be

I know who I be, God called me Righteous

I know who I be , God called me blessed

I know who I be in the morning time i call forth

Those things that are not as though they were

I believed Therefore I speak oo

He’s giving me keys to the Kingdom

Declaring mysteries of the kingdom

The joy of the lord na my strength oo

I nor dey shame to serve this God oo


Jodada Oremi Jodada ha, Jodada Everybody Jodada eeh

Jodada iyayi jodada, Jodada Omode yi Jodada

Verse 2

Why I know go shout am loud

Why I know go rock my dance

Why I know go sing o, sing o, sing o, praise the lord

Alagbada ina Jehovah, o gbe mi ga o

He lifts me out of potopoto oo, ogbe mi ga o

Praise him, praise the lord oo, hail my Jehovah

Exalt the only one of Israel, praise him, hail him, exhaust him

The lion and the lamb, beginning and the ending

Everything that has breath, praise the lord

he’s faithful, his not slack concerning his promises

he’s enlarge our territory, no limits and no bound, I go praise you forever

Onye nenema Agu-na – echebe… I hail I hail

Jehovah shamma  you nor dey fail oo… I hail I hail

O’ mere Nwayi aga t’eme… I hail I hail

O’ gbaji igwe poya N’ku… I hail I hail

Oya jodada no dey look your neighbour

Paddy jodada let this be your praise o

Oya Jodada let the world see

Let them know the lord has been good good

Ijo ti mo jo lano oto sir, Ijo ti mo jo lano oto ooo

Makosa surrender, kokoma surrender

 I want to use you for the lord today to Jodada

Oya Jo jo jo jo oo Jodada x 5


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