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Precept upon precept line upon line, we must endeavor to learn his word.

Gospel post is all about gods word ,it serves as a daily reminder, it enable you to get inspired and get ready for your day to day activity.

On this page, you’ll find guides related to gospel articles, quotes/bible verses, and Videos. Enjoy!

  • Gospel: 12 Online Revelation

    Gospel: 12 Online Revelation

    Apostle Paul said in the book of Ephesians; How by revelation he made known unto me the mystery “Ephesians 3 : 3;” What is Revelation Revelation is a depth of the invisible unveiling beyond the natural, A realm of wisdom that needs the spiritual backup to elucidate. It is sometimes unnatural, but as you grow in his grace.  ...

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  • Gospel: Faith Power

    Gospel: Faith Power

    Faith Power Fasten your seat belt for the lord has more for us no matter how terrible your problem might be, there is no irreversible Case with faith  it’s not about your condition or situation is about walking in the believer’s authority, faith is the believers’ authority. The bible says by grace are you saved through faith. It is not ...

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  • (Gospel Article) Potency Of The Word A Reality

    (Gospel Article) Potency Of The Word A Reality

    Potency Of The Word A Reality Usually, when I write I avoid vain repetition because I wouldn’t want just to give an emotional synergy without impartation. Whether it’s criticised or not, it should be a blessing to the innocent mind, being gullible is the last thing I would wish a reader. You are free to decide after reading ...

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  • Gospel: Jealousy Is A Wonderful Booster Of Hope

    Gospel: Jealousy Is A Wonderful Booster Of Hope

    Jealousy  Is A Wonderful Booster Of HopeIf there is anything that kills faster than a disease is jealousy. Jealousy is cruel as the grave with vehement flame, it knew no bounds and got nothing to do with your education, financial status, exposure, skin color intelligence, affluence influence, spiritual stability to mention a few. Jealousy is an epidemic;  is ...

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  • Gospel: With The Heart Man Believes

    Gospel: With The Heart Man Believes

    With The Heart Man, Believe With The Mouth Confession Is Made Unto Salvation God dwells in your heart that’s where the spirit is; there’s difference between the heart and the mind; there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. ...

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