Gospel: You Are Permitted To Be Confused

You  Are Permitted To Be Confusedpermitted to be confused

       I’m so surprised that I’m writing this article, not necessarily does the topic threw me off but coming from one who claims to be ever ready to face and tackle situations.

Permit me to be express my opinion on the saved. When you are born again with a little of the word, I mean participate in every church activities, we often think too righteous to be confused.

Yea I know what it is to lay hands on the sick, and are healed, but struggling with sickness on the inside. Wearing a fake look since the glow on that face strengthen those who look up to you, can’t seem to understand why on earth are things so rowdy.

Perhaps I need more of his word OMG. Or more of his grace (more of his anointing) or top ministers of the gospel to lay hands on me,   I need you to follow through this distinctive but straightforward revelation. I’m not a motivational speaker, I speak by revelation.

God is not confused permitted to be confused

But man his, not because we don’t know or believe the word, I think we are afraid of what the people would say when we reflect a failure in a specific area of our lives.

You have absolutely nothing to add to the finished works of Christ.

Stop struggling to cover up what salvation has  done already  why not just yield

for Christ is the one at work, whatever level you found yourself learn to live a life of absolute reliance on Christ.

The worst thing that could happen to a man is ignorance. You must know who you are. It would enable you to make decisions based your person (spiritual).

Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploit be real and be yourself.


Pastor progress nwanodi.

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