Gospel: You Lost A Battle To Win A Battle

You Lost A Battle To Win A Battle

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 Sometimes the best way to win a battle is to lose the fight, I deliberately don’t want to use the word defeat but what does it matter anyway, since it’s expressed or understood from an individual perspective.If you know what it means to win a battle perhaps you would also know what it projected when you lost one. Apparently, we don’t want to Concord.

If Jesus is mighty in battle as we sing in our churches, then he’s the best candidate.

Oh sorry! the one we should look up to (remember I made it clear in my previous write-up Jesus is a man, grace isn’t a  topic but a person) with that in mind, the question is, has Jesus ever lost a battle?

If yes you might be right and if no you also might be right (“mmm”) I want to serve, worship a God that has all it takes to be God, so I need to analyze him. What? Did he not say “come now and let’s reason together? Well, there’s no counsel against God, the question is, has Jesus ever lost a battle? Drop your opinion in the comment section below


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