Gospel: The Church A Lifestyle Not Some Religious Activity

The Church A Lifestyle Not Some Religious ActivityNot a religious activity image

 I was amazed as I walked down the next street to a supermarket across the road, what comes to mind cannot be overemphasized.

Perhaps emotions can’t be hidden when driven by passion.

It Is sad to see how people like my American friend would say church folks think is their right to have you feed and clothe them, by your virtue of office.

The church has become a place where the highest bidder is acknowledged and given a position. Yea the church needs money for maintenance.[trust me I know these}

The well-dressed ones were ushered to front roll; it doesn’t matter if they’re late. Yea we are so concerned with a well-colored video clip

Listen to me, money and beautiful video clips aren’t a problem at all. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a prerequisite to our standard of what the church represents; there should be no digression Christianity is a lifestyle with the kingdom principles void of law.

Pastor Progress Nwanodi

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