Baba Ara Lyrics

Baba Ara Lyrics By pastorprogress

BABA ARA LYRICS by pastor progress

Alagbara n Baba mi

Olarenjawu lo so mi   Iwaju   ni ma re

Decreed by my kabiosi

Unconquerable Jehovah   unpaiyable chineke,   ijo ijo ijo ooo

Baba Ara   Eyin lemo Eyin loye

Ebami ke   Alleleuia oooo

Ebami ke Alleluia

Baba Ara Eyin lemo .Eyin loye

Oremi    Mase   Jino   si mi

Alle Alle Alle Alle

Glory glory glory

Kabi Kabi Kabi   kabiosi

Everyone rejoice and be glad that favor my cause (2ice)

Hosanna   hosanna   hosanna (6x) in the highest

Baba Ara Eyin lemo Eyin loye

Ummalite nugugu   Aka Jehovah Marama

Onye eze gi’buna   Aka Jehovah Marama

Okgwa gi bu chimo   Aka Jehovah Marama

Onye ne  nemema   Aka Jehovah Marama

He that  keep thee no go sleep, He no go slumber at all, My   buckler  and shield

My deliverer   too, your Excellency I bow for you sir   Yeshua Ha Mashiach

Your Excellency, I bow for you ooo..   Yeshua ha Mashiach

I go brag about God wen no dey fail at all. 2ice   no no no   baba Ara Eyin lemo Eyin loye

Plead my cause o lord with them that strive with me

Stand against them lord those that fight against me

Stand up shield and buckler Kampe for my help   Baba Ara Eyin lemo, Eyin loye


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